Ruakituri River Fly Fishing

Ruakituri River Fly Fishing

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What makes the Ruakituri world famous?

The river originates from the pure waters of the Te Urewera National park, rolling its way through untouched landscape below huge surrounding hills. This creates stunning fishing pools and rapids for the keen angler.  
Much of the river is easily accessed from the road, and over private land with permission.

Major access points for Ruakituri River fishing.

1. Te Reinga Falls – Access is available to fishing spots both above and below the spectacular falls. 

2. Pihanga – Pihanga is a collection of farm buildings on the left hand side of the road about 10km from Te Reinga. The river can be easily accessed from the road. 

3. Ruakituri Bridge – Easy access is available further along the Ruakituri Road. There is a bridge crossing the river just past the Ruakituri School. The river can be reached from the bridge.

4. Erepeti Bridge – Continuing along the Ruakituri Road, Erepeti Road is located at the end of the sealed road. Anglers may follow this unsealed road to the Erepeti Bridge. There is space for parking next to the bridge. The river can be accessed from here.

5. Erepeti Gorge and Reserve – The lower section of the Erepeti Reserve and the Ruakituri River can also be accessed. Anglers fishing in the Erepeti Gorge should take extreme caution. Fishing the Gorge involves a lot of time fishing in the water and a large number of river crossings. 

6. Smiths – Smiths bridge is located on Ngapakira Road which turns off Papuni Road. The bridge crosses the Ruakituri River. There is no public access on the true right, which is private property.

7. Willow Flat – 1.5km further along Papuni Road after the Ngapakira Road intersection, a dirt track gives vehicles access to the Ruakituri River. 

8. Ruakituri Reserve – Another kilometre along the Papuni Road is a sign posted ‘turn off the Ruakituri Reserve.’ Parking is available and the river is easily accessible. 

9. Papuni – The Makokomuka Stream marks the boundary between Puhoro Station and Papuni Station. A ford across the stream (Papuni ford), provides a landmark for anglers to recognise the boundary. .

10. Waitangi Falls – The river above Waitangi Falls is in the Te Urewera National park. Access to the park is via the formed paper road. As it is necessary to cross Papuni Station, anglers should advise the station manager. Vehicles may be left at the end of the road in the area known as the ‘Lockwood.’ The walk to Waitangi Falls take approximately 4 hours. It is often demanding so it is important to be prepared.

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